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Engineering Village发布了新的用户界面和功能,概述如下。产品已更新和刷新,以提高可用性并节省用户搜索工程研究信息的时间。所有核心功能都与其他增强功能一起保留,包括:

  • 搜索结果页面更易于扫描,从而更快地找到文章
  • “添加搜索字段”功能已添加到快速搜索中
  • 在搜索结果页面上可以看到更多构面,而无需向下滚动页面
  • 访问搜索记录的速度更快
  • 结果显示选项包括25、50和100
  • 文章中的搜索词突出显示,以方便查看




在新设计中,我们旨在根据用户需求在逻辑上构建页面。各种“顶部导航”项被放置为真正的顶部导航(即“搜索”,“选定记录”,“设置”,“公告”)或作为顶部导航中的子类别(即“快速/专家/词库/电子书搜索”(在“搜索”下)和警报) (在“设置”下)。此外,页面上的某些内容(如“数据库”框和“搜索提示”框)隐藏在搜索表单上的链接下方,以便于访问而又不会使用户不知所措。个人登录名已移至页面顶部,作为标题的一部分,现在可以在EV的所有页面上使用登录名,以便轻松访问警报,文件夹和标签等功能。

重点是改善平台的视觉和结构设计。保留了所有现有的核心功能,但Easy Search除外,因为Easy Search量不足所有搜索量的1%,因此已从站点中删除。一种新功能是“快速搜索”表单上的“添加搜索”字段。此外,现在可以在所有搜索表单下方直接找到搜索历史记录。登录的用户可以直接使用此功能保存搜索和/或创建警报。






The Engineering Village new user interface release went live on July 18, 2012.

Engineering Village released a new user interface and features outlined below. The product has been updated and refreshed to improve usability and save users time searchign for engineering research information. All core functionality remains along with other enhancements that include:

  • Search results page is easier to scan, making it faster to find an article
  • “Add search field” feature has been added to Quick Search
  • More facets are visible on search results page without having to scroll down a page
  • Access to Search History is quicker
  • Results display options include 25, 50 and 100
  • Search terms in an article are highlighted for easier viewing

Below are screen shots examples of the previous and the current user interface:

Previous Engineering Village Home:

Current Engineering Village Home page, released July 18th, 2012:

In the new design, we aimed to more logically structure the page based on the user’s needs. The various “top navigational” items are placed as either true top navigation (i.e., Search, Selected Records, Settings, Bulletins) or as subcategories within the top navigation (i.e., Quick/Expert/Thesaurus/eBook Searches (under Search) and Alerts (under Settings). Additionally, some content on the page, like the Databases box and Search tips box, are hidden under links on the search form for easy access without overwhelming the user. Personal login has been moved to the top of the page, as a part of the header and the login is now available on all pages in EV in order to provide easy access to features like alerts, folders, and tags.

The focus was on improving the visual and structural design of the platform. All existing core functionality has been retained, with the exception of Easy Search, which has been removed from the site as the Easy Search volume represented less than 1% of all searches. One NEW feature is the Add search field on the Quick Search form. Also, Search history is now available directly below all search forms. Logged-in users can save searches and/or create alerts directly from this feature.

Previous Results Page:

Current Results Page, released July 18th, 2012:

Using data from years of product testing, we re-designed the results page into an easier-to-scan page. All important actionable items are placed in a more relevant place on the page, and the Refine Results box is designed to show only the top 2 facets (features) open by default while still revealing the other facet options with minimal page scrolling. Additionally, facets can now be reordered using drag-and-drop.

Additional features include an easier-to-use “Run a new search with selected facets,” which allows the user to select terms from the facets, add an additional term, and then run a new search. Also, users can choose the number of results to display on the page (25, 50, or 100).

The Results Manager, which allows users to select records to view, or select records to save, view, or download, is now located directly above the results along with the option to select the page of results. Sort options are now also available directly above the results in a drop-down. Pagination has also been placed directly above the result set.

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